Arganicare Natural - Anti-Hair Fall Set

by Rinkle Sharma December 18, 2020

Arganicare Natural - Anti-Hair Fall Set

Life can take a toll on your looks, especially your hair. First, while hair fall can signal that something is off with your body, losing a few strands in the shower doesn’t always mean something is wrong. It’s completely normal to lose 50 to 100 strands a day and nearly everyone experiences some hair fall over time.

But every once in a while, hair fall is a symptom of something else like hair loss. If your hair fall seems sudden and excessive, talk to your doctor about other possibilities. Hair loss that begins with a widening part and progresses to overall thinning could be a sign of alopecia, a condition that impacts millions of men and even women in their 40s and beyond.


What are we Suggesting?

We suggest you the products which are the combination of two main proteins of our hair. One is Collagen which is key ingredient to build hair proteins and strengthen the skin that contains your hair roots. It may also prevent hair follicle damage and graying. The another key ingredient is Keratin that makes up hair with a protective shield & is less prone to tearing than other types of cells your body produces. Both are the essential ingredients to build healthy scalp and hair.

Arganicare Collagen Shampoo (For Scalp)

It is a perfect way to gently cleanse your hair while maintaining its natural hydration level. Its unique formulation, infused with collagen, helps to control hairfall and to regenerate hair from within, which acts on the hair fiber and helps to fill the gaps, provides weightless hair with amplified volume.

Usage: Apply it on wet hair. Massage gently to form lather. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.


Arganicare Collagen Conditioner (For Hairfall)

Specially, designed to take special care of your hair. It provides deep nourishment with balanced hydration. It also replenishes proteins and restores moisture which makes hair smooth and easy to manage.

Usage: Apply it on wet hair after shampooing. Massage gently on the hair shaft. Rinse after 3-5 minutes.


Arganicare Keratin Serum (For Split ends/Frizzy Hair)

It is formulated to strengthen and protect dry & damaged hair. Enriched with Keratin Protein, which keeps your hair smooth, silky, hydrate and frizz-free. Especially designed for colored/chemically treated hair to make a protective layer from damage.

Usage: Apply it on wet hair after shampoo, conditioner or masque. Take 2-3 drops on your palm, rub it and massage it on only at hair length.


Arganicare Keratin Masque (For Hairfall Treatment)

It is specially designed to deeply nourish, thicken and protect dry hair. The protective coating of masque treatment helps to renew the inner strength and provide natural shine to the hair. Especially designed for colored/chemically treated hair.

Usage: Apply it on wet hair after shampooing. Massage gently from root to the hair shaft. Rinse after 20-30 minutes. Use it as a treatment, when you need extra care for your hair.

General Tips to control Hairfall

  • Eat the right nutrients : To ensure you get the most nutritional food, load up on foods that fight hair fall with these nutrients, like meats, leafy greens, nuts, beans, sweet potatoes and fish.
  • Massage your scalp : You’re halfway there every time you shampoo: Massaging your head in the shower can increase blood flow to the scalp. This means a better environment for hair growth and it also aids the penetration of any treatment shampoo you use.
  • Let your hairs air-dry : It is the easiest way to fix you never considered. Hair dryers and irons, especially if your hair is color treated, can cause breakage and thinning, so reduce your use whenever you can.
  • Take time to de-stress : Both sudden and chronic stress can halt hair growth. If you’ve been going through a challenging experience, your hair should grow back once you give your body a break. If you’re under constant pressure, consider stress-relieving techniques like meditation.

Rinkle Sharma
Rinkle Sharma


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