Buy Professional And Organic Hair Care Products Online In India

by Rinkle Sharma March 05, 2021

Buy Professional And Organic Hair Care Products Online In India

Your new trendy look after the change of your hair color or chemical hair treatment, keratin treatment for hair, hair smoothing treatment and hair straightening treatment not only changes the way you look, but also damages your hair. The excessive use of hair color and chemicals can make your hair dry, brittle, frizzy looking and prone to breakage. However, by using the best professional hair care products for chemically treated hair, you can keep your hair healthy, hydrated and looking its best while maintaining your trendy look.

The keratin from the hair is lost due to:

  • Excessive Hair styling
  • Heat treatments
  • Use of Chemicals/ Hair colors
  • Hair Rebonding 
  • Chemical hair treatment
  • Chemically straightened hair
  • Permanent hair straightening treatment/Perming.

Argan & Keratin professional natural hair care products different from others:

Let’s find out how important is KERATIN for hair: Keratin is a Protein that already exists in your hair. keratin protein hair treatment forms a protective shield and helps hair stay elastic and youthful.

ARGANICARE provides organic professional hair care products with certified organic oils & ingredients which is for both, salon & home use. Packed with healthy ingredients like: Organic Argan Oil, Keratin and Vitamins that helps to prevent your hair from damage. Also, the combination of Organic Argan Oil and Keratin is a distinctive formula that nourishes and hydrates your hair and restores its vitality.

Arganicare - Professional hair care Brand

A Natural Haircare Range that includes as professional hair shampoo, hair conditioner, hair serum and professional hair masque, it’s like a complete package of Keratin treatment at home or Salon hair products. The base for all the products is pure Organic Argan Oil.

1. ARGANICARE Argan Oil & Keratin Professional Hair Shampoo for All Hair Types Sodium Chloride Free:

    Professional hair shampoo to nourish, hydrate your hair and restore its vitality. Keratin shampoo renews the inner strength of the hair, regenerates its structure and helps to restore lost Keratin protein.

    2. ARGANICARE Strengthening Keratin Professional Hair Conditioner for all hair types:

      This professional hair conditioner enriched with Keratin protein, which forms a layer over the hair replacing the lost Keratin and rebuilds strength, returns elasticity and reduces breakage, leaving hair healthy & shiny. Perfectly suitable for straightened hair as it restores the lost Keratin due to heat and chemical treatment.

      3. ARGANICARE Keratin Repairing Professional Hair Serum for all hair types:

        Keratin Professional Hair Serum is suitable for all hair types, especially after rebonding and thermal reconditioning to keep your hair silky, smooth & hydrated. Keratin serum formula strengthens and protect the dry and damaged hair, while keeping it straight and sleek.

        4. Arganicare Keratin Nourishing Professional Hair Masque for dry and damaged hair:

          Designed for hair care after smoothening to deeply nourish, thicken and protect dry and damaged hair, while keeping it straight and sleek. The active, yet gentle ingredients make this keratin hair mask suitable for all hair types. These professional organic hair products are best to use after Hair straightening and thermal reconditioning.

          Rinkle Sharma
          Rinkle Sharma


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