5 Ways to Keep your Hair Safe from the Sun

by Rinkle Sharma August 19, 2021

5 Ways to Keep your Hair Safe from the Sun

When it comes to sun protection, skin gets most of the focus, but our hair needs some consideration as well. Just as it can damage your skin, the sun can also damage hair and scalp. So it’s time to learn how to protect your hair and scalp from sun, heat and humidity.


1. Usually Oil your Hair

    Scalp tends to get dry and itchy due to heat. That’s why it’s essential to massage it frequently with oils rich in cooling agents like aloe vera and mint. Apart from keeping your hair cool, oiling also helps in preventing dryness, and so keeps dandruff away. It also helps get rid of that irritating smell that comes from sweating.

    Tip: Apply hair oil before washing your hair or if you are staying at home you can apply it daily. But, choose oil which has good fragrance with natural ingredients.


    2. Avoid Heating Tools and Sun Exposure

      Even if hair dryers form an important part of your daily hair styling ritual, you need to stop using them in summers. They just make your scalp dryer and increase the heat content for no reason, leading to a lot of sweating.

      For color-treated hair, you need to take extra care of your hair during summer. Chemical treatments mixed with the burning summer sun can lead to color fading, maximum damage and hair dryness. Choose hair care products made especially for color-treated hair.

      Tip: Try to avoid exposing your hair to direct sunlight as much as possible as it may lose your natural hair color.


      3. Repair Your Hair

        If the damage is already done and your hair looks limp, frizzy or dull, do a deep conditioning and repairing hair masque treatment to restore natural shine. Applying a hair mask once a week or two is a great for everyone’s hair during the summer months.

        Tip: You can also prepare your hair for summer by using an overnight hair treatment. All you need to do is apply a leave-in conditioner with natural ingredients (like: shea butter, banana and yogurt etc.) from roots to ends and wrap a towel around your hair – leave it in overnight and wake up in the morning with soft, smooth hair.


        4. Change your Shampoo with Care

          Use of shampoo on daily basis is not recommendable. Always choose a mild shampoo, when your hair gets greasy and sweaty or change your shampoo to something that’s rich in natural coolants (like tea tree oil and menthol) which helps to keep your scalp dandruff-free and cleanse most of the bacteria due to excessive sweating.

          Tip: If your hair feels so dull and greasy try to use organic or natural fresh ingredients in your shampoo. Also be focus on cleansing the scalp and not only your hair.


          5. Cover your Hair under Sun

            This is the best way to protect your hair from the sun, besides completely avoiding it. Wrap a scarf around your hair, carry an umbrella, or wear a hat — whatever you do, just prevent direct exposure to sunlight. It’ll also protect your hair from pollution, preventing excessive breakage and hair loss.

            Tip: If you don’t want to carry anything from this, then you can use a leave-in conditioner with SPF which helps to protect your hair from sun rays.

            Hope, these tips and tricks helps to you in an easy way, that how you easily manage your hair during summer time. If you like it then follows these tips and gets shiny hair this summer.

            Rinkle Sharma
            Rinkle Sharma


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