Keratin Treatment for Hair Pros and Cons

by Rinkle Sharma August 23, 2021

Keratin Treatment for Hair Pros and Cons

Keratin is a chemical process designed to enhance the keratin level of an individual’s hair strands to makes the hair shiny and smooth. It helps to remove tangles, manage the unmanageable and to treat the frizzy hair. It is widely used treatment that most of the women prefer now-a-days.

The whole Keratin treatment process takes 30-45 minutes. The treatment is a semi-permanent hair straightening treatment that helps to smoothen, protect hair color and add shine to your lifeless hair.

Let's understand about the keratin first

Keratin - A protein that commonly found in our skin, hair and nails.

A doubt remains there in everyone’s mind, why there is a need for Keratin treatments when it is naturally present in your hair?

Actually, keratin can be lost from our hair due to several reasons like exposure of the hair to direct sunlight, pollutants or harsh chemical treatments applied on the hair. Though, there are natural ways to restore our hair to its original conditions but it takes longer than usual to restore it. So, we need this external Keratin treatment, to repair the damaged hair and make them healthy, shiny and more manageable.

How good or bad keratin treatment is for your hair? 


1. Keratin Treatment helps to restore lost keratin protein

    The fibrous protein keratin is externally infused into your hair through keratin treatment that in turn helps in re-building the damaged hair strands. Post treatment you will get silky and healthy-looking hair.


    2. Easy to Manage Hair

      If your hair is frizzy and unmanageable then it helps to make your hair more manageable and frizz free with natural shine.


      3. Time-saving in hair styling

        Best for those people who usually style their hair straight. The treatment reduces the blow-drying time by almost 50 percent.


        4. Seals in the hair color

          The moment keratin is sealed on your hair; the color that had been applied on your hair already is sealed effectively. It also prevents the color from fading out and increase the life of color stays.


          CON'S -

          1. Expensive 

            Before you get excited about achieving near perfect hair, it’s important to consider the price for treatment. Each treatment can range anywhere between INR 6,000-15,000 and rest depends upon hair length.

            There might be other options available at-home but may be the result will not be satisfactory to you in long term and may also be harmful for healthy hair.


            2. Keratin treatment may not last for long time

              This treatment lasts probably 3-4 months but also depends on your original hair type or structure. If your hair type is already in a straight shape, maybe it works for long period. Otherwise, you will notice the hair reverting back to its original shape.


              3. Intense Application Process

                This whole application process is time consuming i.e., 80-90 minutes. However, it also depends on the length and density of the hair. It is possible the formaldehyde chemical which is an active ingredient in this keratin treatment may or may not leave any effect for short period like lightly headache, skin irritation or watery eyes.

                If we conclude the Pros and Cons of the Keratin Treatment. We can ensure that it is not for everyone.


                So, who needs the Keratin Treatment?

                For those, who want their frizzy and unmanageable hair to look healthy, shiny and straight as it appears after keratin treatment. You can try natural and organic keratin products which are already available in the market.

                There are lots of keratin treatment products available in the market for hair but a few actually suits your hair appearance. For better results, always pick organic, natural and less chemical composition-based products.

                If you are searching for a suitable keratin for your hair, we suggest you to try Arganicare – Natural Haircare Range with Argan Oil.

                Benefits of Arganicare Keratin Product Range Keratin shampoo renews the inner strength, keratin strengthening conditioner helps to fight with damaged hair, keratin reparative serum protects your hair strands from heat or damage and keratin nourishing masque leaves hair smooth and manageable.

                Anyone can use these products whether the hair is treated or not. This keratin protein hair care range is suitable for all hair types.


                Tips for Best Result

                • Tip#1 - If your hair is keratin treated, and then it helps to extend the life of the keratin because it protects the keratin for long time and helps to stay hair structure as it is.
                • Tip #2 – If your hair is non-keratin treated, and then it helps to repair the colored hair and also restores keratin protein to your hair through keratin products which helps to provide natural sheen, luster & smoothness to your hair.

                So, go for it to get healthy and naturally shiny hair.     

                Rinkle Sharma
                Rinkle Sharma


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